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Being fortunate enough to live and work in spectacular Fiordland, a World Heritage Area, gives us a unique connection and appreciation of the environment around us. We would like to share with our guests, some of the ways in which we try and make a difference.

At Explorer Motel & Apartments, we strive to operate our hospitality business in the most environmentally friendly way that we can. We support our staff and customers to learn about and take part in practices that allow us to operate more sustainably.

As a member of the ASURE Accommodation Group, Explorer Motel & Apartments is working towards adopting the group's full Sustainability Policy. We are always looking at more ways in which to grow and improve our environmental efforts to protect the environment for generations to come.

Explorer Motels also support the Tiaki Promise initiative which asks for the commitment of both New Zealander's and its visitors to respect and care for the environment and others.

Tiaki Promise

Protect, Preserve & Respect New Zealand

Protect Nature
New Zealand is jam-packed with some incredible scenery. Our natural attractions are some of our most visited, but also our most precious. Please help to protect these places by minimising your personal effect on your surroundings.

Keep NZ Clean
Rubbish in our environment not only looks bad, but it can be a life-sentence for animals and birds that may ingest it, or get caught in it. Wherever you travel, please use the rubbish bins available or take your rubbish with you. It is also important to use designated toilet facilities on your trip. Public toilets can be found in most towns, just Google it, or call into a local shop and ask.

Drive Carefully
New Zealand roads may be different from what you are used to, so allow extra time to travel so you don't need to rush. There are many amazing places to stop, rest, walk, snack, and take in the views. If you are hiring a car upon your arrival in New Zealand, please be sure to read any information about New Zealand road rules, as they may differ from country to country. It will all help to keep yourself and others safe.

Be Prepared
When you are heading into the outdoors, be prepared for all conditions, especially if you are heading into an alpine environment. Get advice from locals, the Department of Conservation Visitors Centres are a good place to start. If you are undertaking a multi-day walk in Fiordland, this gear list may help you prepare.

Show Respect
Show respect to the environment and also to others. New Zealander's are influenced by Western culture as well as tikanga Māori (Māori values & knowledge). While some of the customs and traditions of New Zealand can be explained, the best thing to do is 'travel with an open heart and mind' and learn and enjoy the journey.


Protect, Preserve & Respect Fiordland


We encourage our guests and staff to separate rubbish and use the recycling receptacles provided wherever possible.


To clean our rooms, we use only non-toxic products that are known to be safe for the environment, and ultimately better for you!


We use LED lightbulbs as they are more energy-efficient, and also cause less environmental damage during their manufacture.


We source our products locally, not only to support our local community and economy, but also to reduce the emissions required to bring products to our door.


We use Koha Spa bathroom amenity products that are not only good for your skin but also have biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging.


Our dedicated staff members are trained and supported to uphold our key environmental policies in their everyday work.

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